Can IV Therapy Boost My Immunity?

Can IV Therapy Boost My Immunity?

Can IV Therapy Boost My Immunity?

The Best ways to keep your immune system strong and healthy…

Because the world around us has changed. What works to keep you going strong?

  • Eat healthy: We all know that a healthy diet is necessary to boost the immune system. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats should be taken as often as possible. These foods contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to maintain a strong immune system.
  • Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise ensures that blood circulates more effectively. Consequently, immune cells can travel easily around the body. Studies show that about 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise can stimulate the immune system.
  • Quality Sleep: Sleep appears to be a passive process, but a lot of activities take place during this period. For example, infection-fighting cells are produced during sleep. Studies report that poor sleep can cause individuals to become more prone to infection and illnesses. Thus, it would help if you got enough good quality sleep to ward off infections.
  • IV Therapy: Due to poor diet, age, or lifestyle factors, our body doesn’t always get the correct nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function effectively. IV Therapy presents an efficient and effective way of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV Therapies can address specific health and wellness needs in the body.

Give Your Immune System a Boost with Element Immunity Boost  

How does IV therapy boost immunity?

A fluid in your body known as the lymph is responsible for transporting immune cells around the body. Dehydration may slow down lymph movement, which could result in an impaired immune function. However, IV hydration therapy can replace water that might have been lost due to sweating, urine, vomiting, and bowel movements. Furthermore, IV therapy has some vitamins and minerals that boost immunity, including:

  • Vitamin C: Due to its function as an antioxidant and its role in immune function, vitamin C has been promoted as a means to help prevent and/or treat numerous health conditions. Research has shown that 1-3 grams of Vitamin C can reduce the course of cold by 1-1.5 days. Similarly, taking Vitamin C before starting heavy exercise prevents airway infection. Vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant and aids in tissue repair while minimizing the damage caused by inflammation and oxidation.
  • GlutathioneGlutathione strengthens the immune system in two ways. It increases the number of T-cell lymphocytes – the frontline soldiers of the immune system. Glutathione also stimulates the production and activity of natural killer cells. Thirdly, Glutathione is the defender and a master antioxidant against oxidative stress.
  • ZincZinc plays a critical role in the function and development of natural killer cells, neutrophils, and the cells responsible for mediating innate immunity. Zinc deficiency results in inadequate cytokine production and poor phagocytic function. Zinc acts as an antioxidant by preventing the release of free radicals during inflammation.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential mineral that should be taken in large quantities. This macro-mineral fortifies the immune system and aids in healthy bone formation by regulating calcium and Vitamin D levels. Additionally, magnesium plays an important role in muscle relaxation throughout the body. It also plays a role in the regulation of glucose levels and insulin metabolism.
  • Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, neurological function, and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 deficiency results in pernicious anemia. Furthermore, Vitamin B12 has a direct influence on energy levels.
  • Vitamin DVitamin D has other roles in the body, including reduction of inflammation as well as modulation of such processes as cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and glucose metabolism. Laboratory and animal studies suggest that vitamin D might inhibit carcinogenesis and slow tumor progression by, for example, promoting cell differentiation and inhibiting metastasis. Vitamin D might also have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, proapoptotic, and antiangiogenic effects.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy is recommended for any adult looking to stay healthy and boost their immunity. Element Mobile IV therapy is recommended for individuals who are in regular contact with others, who may be vulnerable to viruses due to increased interaction. IV therapy contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins that boost immunity and reduces recovery time. Element IV therapy offers a wide range of IV Therapies for various health needs, including Element Immunity Boost or Element Cold & Flu.

Why We Love It 

Element Immunity Boost provides immune support with a powerful, comprehensive blend of immune-supporting, immune-boosting, and immune-defending ingredients.* 

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