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Welcome to Element IV Therapy

Element IV Therapy is focused on health and wellness solutions for people who want to feel better. As Arizona’s premier company for mobile IV Therapy, we custom formulate targeted IV therapies that help rejuvenate your overall health and wellness. We use vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a variety of other compounds that promote health, energy, performance, and Immunity.  Looking to reverse a hangover or boost your immune system through the cold & flu season?  Element IV Therapy is the answer. We offer a professional in home experience in your relaxed home environment.



To improve health, wellness and help people feel better through I.V. therapy.



To be Arizona’s premier mobile I.V. therapy company.



(Epic Values) Excellence, Passion, Integrity, Customer Service

A word from our Medical Director

Dr. Angela Ko has a passion for wellness and loves discussing the benefits of IV therapy. “Lacking vitally important and needed hydration or nutrients can definitely impact and have an adverse effect on our bodies ability to maintain our health.
Vitamins, minerals, nutrients and water are the building blocks to health and wellness; it’s vital for the machinery of our cells. Once these building blocks are in place, then our focus and attention can be directed towards our overall well-being.”
Dr. Angela Ko is an established and highly skilled board-certified Anesthesiologist and has received numerous accolades for her quality and commitment to healthcare. She continues to practice throughout the Valley. She was trained at the University of Michigan and University of Iowa.
In her spare time Dr. Angela Ko is active in the community and loves spending time with her two fabulous children and a dog that bring energy to her work. The desire to help guide their wellness and lives fuels her passion and work ethic.
A favorite motto for her family is “mens sana in corpore sano”…a healthy mind in a healthy body (the phrase comes from Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal. It is the first in a list of what is desirable in life).
Dr. Angela Ko is excited to be a part of Element IV Therapy; working to improve health, wellness and help people feel better through IV therapy.

Angela Ko, MD

Medical Director, Element IV Therapy

The Owners

Jim Schafer, with a unique blend of clinical, operational, financial, and leadership skills, Jim is a catalyst in the transformation of health care. He has over 25 plus years of healthcare experience with a passion of one mission; to improve the quality and experience of healthcare. Jim has strong experience in successfully operationalizing value-based care models, navigating risk adjustment, quality, contract negotiations, IT interoperability, and improving social determinants of health outcomes. Originally from Wisconsin, Jim has been an Arizona resident for the past 12 years. He loves trying out new restaurants as an amateur foodie and in the winter loves skiing.

Stuart Dill, co-owner of Element IV Therapy. Stuart has 17 years of healthcare experience and has called Phoenix, Arizona home for the past 20 years. Originally, growing up in a small town in Decatur, Illinois; Stuart served in the US Marine Corps and transitioned to civilian life working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) where he developed his passion for healthcare and pursued a career in Nursing. His Nursing experience has been focused on the Emergency Room, Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Cath Lab the past 11 years. Always with an entrepreneurial mindset and gift for communicating with people, Stuart’s had interest and focus on a more holistic approach to Health and Wellness which sparked interest in nutrient IV therapy, and the formation of Element IV Therapy.

Stuart is married to his lovely and incredible wife Nicole, who is also a nurse and pursuing her career as a Nurse Practitioner in mental health. He has 2 energetic four-year old twins, who are on the move all the time. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and camping. He also enjoys traveling as well.

Owners Jim Schafer and Stuart Dill have over 40 years of combined healthcare experience and have a shared history of enriching the lives of their clients through both traditional and holistic approaches to medicine and therapy. Colleagues and friends for many years, Jim and Stuart wanted to bring their knowledge and passion, along with a firm belief in the transformative powers of IV therapy, to their community. With top priorities of providing uncompromising care, convenience, and comfort, they created Element IV Therapy, Phoenix’s premier mobile, on-demand IV therapy clinic, serving the Phoenix area and greater Maricopa County.

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