What is IV Hydration by Element IV Therapy?

IV Hydration therapy; is fluid administered via a catheter injected directly into the bloodstream. Hydration is the cornerstone to optimal health.  IV therapy provides energy, optimal metabolism, skin health and more. It is a baseline hydration treatment meant to address general depletion of water in the body and bloodstream. IV treatments are used for their effectiveness for delivering nutrients to the body in a form optimized for 100% absorption and bioavailability!

What happens when a member of Element IV Therapy arrives at my home?

Our experienced Nurses will go over the consent forms, review an overall health history, and then preform a quick, brief physical assessment checking your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and listen to your lung to make sure we can safely procced.  

How long will an Element IV Therapy appointment take?

Most of the time you can expect the mobile IV therapy visit to last 30-60mins. Our IV therapy nurses will arrive and go over your mobile IV services intake forms, take you vital signs (Heart rate, Blood Pressure, and Oxygen Saturation) & Initiate your IV therapy. IV therapy at home is convenient. Most IV’s run over 30 TO 45 minutes. However, some of our specialized IV NAD+ treatments can take longer.

What is the most popular Element IV Therapy Infusion?

Our most popular IV therapy is the Myers plus cocktail, it includes all the B complex vitamins, B12, magnesium, glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C.  Best value for your money!

Can I add different ingredients to my Element IV Therapy IV drip?

Yes, you can add different ingredients to your drip and customize it.

Does an Element IV therapy IV infusion or Intramuscular injection hurt?

An IV catheter is inserted into your vein for access, so you may feel a slight bit of pressure at entry point, which only last for second.  With an injection, you may feel a slight poke or bit of pressure, but the injection will be over before you feel any pain.

Is there any risk associated with an Element IV Therapy infusion?

Typically, no! There can be some temporary minor bruising, redness, or pain at the injection site.  More serious complications are extremely rare!

Can I receive Element IV Therapy if I am pregnant or breastfeeding!

Yes, we have special packages for pregnant or breastfeeding women.  

Who cannot receive Element IV Therapy hydration?

Most anyone in general good health may receive an IV treatment.  There are some contraindications: If you have any of the following conditions listed below: 

  • Kidney Disease/Failure
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy, or Heart Arrhythmia’s
  • Bleeding/Clotting Disorders

What areas of Phoenix do you provide services to?

We provide service to the greater Phoenix area and all of Maricopa County.

Phoenix | Scottsdale | Fountain Hills | Cave Creek | Carefree | Paradise Valley
Chandler | Mesa | Gilbert | Tempe | Ahwatukee | Queen Creek | San Tan Valley
Glendale | Peoria | Buckeye | Laveen | Avondale | Surprise | Sun City

Please call if you live outside of this area for special service needs.

Are there any Travel Fees?

Yes, in some cases there may be a travel fee for our Nurse to come out to your home.   Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you a quote.

Can someone under 18 receive an IV treatment?

Yes, they must be 12 years old and weigh more than 100 lbs.  The parent or legal guardian must be present.

Do you take insurance?

We currently do not take insurance at time, we accept FSA and HSA accounts.   Additionally, we take Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash, Zelle, and Venmo.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards for yourself or friends and family as gifts.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, please call to find out about our group discounts.

Do you provide services outside normal business hours?

Yes, this is subject to our Nurses availability, we do charge an additional fee for after-hours calls.

Why Choose Element IV Therapy?

With well over 500 5-star reviews on google and an incredible team of Nurses ready to serve the Greater Phoenix area, Element IV Therapy is the premier choice for mobile IV therapy in Arizona!

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

There are numerous reasons for receiving IV therapy. Some of the benefits of receiving IV fluids, vitamins, and medications; are that it is administered into the bloodstream aiding in quicker relief. It can help with migraines, allergies, nausea, dehydration, acute or chronic illness and more.

How does an IV treatment help with nausea?

IV treatments involve the direct delivery of fluids into your bloodstream, guaranteeing rapid and optimal absorption for effectiveness. IV medications for nausea can quickly and effectively combat a range of conditions, including dehydration, food poisoning, morning sickness during pregnancy and the after effects of overindulgence (hangovers), to name a few.

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