Oxygen is the most important and immediate fuel source for the Body and Mind
Feel Better fast with Element Oxygen (O2) Therapy

The Incredible Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Relax, and breathe a steady stream of 90% pure oxygen while receiving your IV Therapy treatment from Element IV Therapy. Clients have an incredible opportunity to breathe in oxygen and have a complete wellness experience that relaxes your body so that you can have a better, healthier day from start to finish.

You may have seen or heard about Oxygen Therapy, but what is it about Oxygen Therapy that makes it a great compliment to your IV Therapy. It’s the incredible wellness benefits of breathing in concentrated oxygen. While it is no secret that your body needs oxygen to survive and function effectively, there are incredible benefits to breathing concentrated oxygen. Increasing oxygen levels increases energy levels, alertness and focus. It also can improve your mood, boosts your concentration, and alleviates stress. Additionally, oxygen can speed up body recovery after strenuous activity.

More on Oxygen

Oxygen can improve your mood

Oxygen can increase your energy levels

Oxygen can boost your concentration and memory

Oxygen can help relieve headaches, migraines, and hangovers

Oxygen can promote relaxation and better sleep

Oxygen can help reduce and alleviate stress

Oxygen is for recreational purposes only. No prescription is needed for add on purchase. This is not intended for treatment of acute/chronic medical conditions or diseases. Consult your Physician if you have any medical condition. Oxygen is an add on service/therapy provided.

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