How the Phoenix Open became “The Greatest and Greenest Show on Grass”

The Greatest and Greenest Show on Grass
How the Phoenix Open became “The Greatest and Greenest Show on Grass”

Beginning in 1932, the Phoenix Open has stood the test of time. 90 years later, the golf tournament now known as “The WM Phoenix Open,” is still steadily growing year after year.

Taking place as a rule on the first weekend in February there are often Super Bowl festivities surrounding the tournament making it an even bigger event, especially if the big game happens to be held in Phoenix as it will be in 2023.

Annually it’s the best attended golf tournament on earth, with more than 700,000 people anticipated in 2022.

Golfers, athletes, celebrities and people from all over the world flock to Scottsdale Arizona annually for “The Peoples Open”. “The People’s Open” has been named the Tournament of the Year by the PGA Tour four times in the past seven years (2014, 2015, 2018, 2019). The 2022 edition will mark the 90th playing of the event (one of the five oldest events on the PGA Tour) and the 13th with Waste Management as title sponsor.
Due to the unique course layout and location in Arizona, and time of year, makes it one of the most party atmospheres on the PGA tour. Waste Management, Inc. began its sponsorship in 2010.

Growing Popularity

Why so popular? Well, when you combine the consistently warm, sunny desert climate with its location in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona it’s not hard to see why both locals and travelers alike flock to this event every year. The most unique element of The WM Phoenix Open has to be the stadium seating erected on the par-3 16th hole.

Now you might be wondering just how the 16th hole became so popular. That is thanks to one man: Tiger Woods. When Woods made a hole in one at the 16th in 1997, there were a few tents around the hole, but no bleachers or stadium seating. As the hole drew more and more attention, organizers realized that they could capitalize on this popularity by adding stadium seating. Currently, the 16th hole can hold at least 20,000 spectators around one tiny par three.
Add in sunshine, great weather and music and it is an experience you will enjoy!

Greatest, Yes! Why the Greenest?

With all those people, how is the WM Phoenix Open also the “greenest” show on grass? Waste Management are masters of mass recycling. Every time you choose to recycle, you’re giving that item a second life to serve a new purpose and save natural resources. Recycling can be challenging, but is the cornerstone of zero waste.

One of the ways the tournament stays green and clean involves multiple normal-looking waste trucks. If you attend the tournament, you probably will never see them. That’s because they come in at night, hauling away all the recycling and composting materials.

But the key to staying green? Those trucks burn clean. Compressed natural gas trucks. They are far quieter than diesel trucks and a with a passion to reduce waste. They emit nearly zero particulates and they also cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. All of the thousands of water bottles, beer cans and paper plates used by golf fans each day are trucked out each night by those clean-burning waste trucks to the recycling centers to be sorted. Waste Management makes sure they are decreasing our environmental footprint. It all adds up to the world’s largest attended golf tournament to be certified a “zero-waste” event. Saturday is the event’s all-day “green out,” when everybody is encouraged to wear green to support the green/eco-sensitive efforts of the tournament.

WM Phoenix Open Safety Tips:

  • Stay hydrated – Get ahead of the game, start drinking water the day before you come out. Then when you’re out here having a few beverages maybe mix water in between each
  • Protect yourself from that Arizona sun – Definitely wear and bring sunscreen and chap stick with SPF
  • Ditch the heels – Wear comfortable shoes. There are a lot of uneven surfaces out here and cracks in the sidewalks and you are walking on grass.
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