Boost Your Immune System with These Five Foods or IV Therapy

The Importance of a Strong Immune System

It’s still cold and flu season, and for some of us it has hit harder than others. You can still keep yourself and your family healthy with a few food tips. These immune-boosting foods can support your overall health and help protect against illnesses. Incorporating them into your diet can provide a healthy boost to your immune system. Check out the top 5 foods below:

  • Citrus Fruits: Essential Vitamin C for Immune System Support

Citrus season is December through the end of March in Arizona. So why not take advantage of it. Start with citrus fruits, such as oranges, and grapefruit which are packed with vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant promotes the production and function of white blood cells, which play a crucial role in protecting your body against infections. Add some citrus fruits to your diet to strengthen your immune system. Visit a fun Orange grove or Citrus farm stand

  • Nuts and Seeds: Dietary Zinc for Enhanced Immune Health

Think of zinc as nature’s metabolic workhorse. Not only do nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, fiber, and protein, but they are also an excellent source of zinc. Zinc plays a crucial role in immune cell development and function. When it comes to zinc content, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and cashews are particularly high.

  • Yogurt: Probiotics for Immune Function and Gut Health

Did you know that a healthy gut is key to a strong immune system? Probiotics, found in yogurt, can help prevent and treat viral infections. I’m a big fan of the Activa yogurt, but there are many great yogurts out there. Plus, dairy products are often fortified with vitamin D, which enhances your immune response.

  • Poultry as a Source of Vitamin B6 for Immune Support

Give your immune system a boost with chicken, a good source of vitamin B6. This vitamin stimulates the production of antibodies, crucial for fighting off infections. Including chicken in your meals can help prevent illnesses and support your immune functions.

  • Bone Broth: Nutritional Support for the Immune System

Beyond being a cozy drink, bone broth is a research-backed immune booster. It is packed with essential amino acids, collagen, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that support a robust immune system. Studies suggest that glycine, the specific amino acid in bone broth, can enhance your immune response and promote a healthy gut lining. Additionally, sipping hot bone broth can have a soothing effect on the respiratory system if you’re sick.

Give yourself the best chance against catching the cold/flu or other virus, maintain an overall healthy diet, engage in regular physical activity, and be sure to get adequate sleep.

You can also get an IV Therapy treatment from Element IV Therapy. We have our Element Immune Boost or our Element Cold and Flu IV treatment. As the #1 Mobile IV Therapy Provider in Arizona, we can help get you feeling better fast.

Take charge of your immune health today!

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